Laurence Coffrant is an Australian Contemporary Jeweller working primarily with Sterling Silver & raw minerals: vivid green Peridot, ocean blue Apatite and dazzling Pyrite. Laurence studied a Bachelor of Visual arts specialising in Jewellery and metal. During her studies, Laurence visited a local gem and mineral club and from there her love of raw minerals flourished.

As a child Laurence enjoyed deconstructing every-day objects and reconstructing them into wearable pieces. This is still an integral approach to the way Laurence creates an artwork. The minerals that Laurence work with have been hand selected, with a custom setting designed and made to enhance the structure of the crystals. Laurence is often required to fracture or shape them, allowing her to preserve the integrity of their natural form. The irregularity between each gemstone allows Laurence to ensure that each piece is unique.

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